How To Easily Install Anaconda Distribution on Mac Os X (Video + Article)

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James Phoenix
James Phoenix

This tutorial will help you to install Anaconda for Mac OS.

Anaconda is both a package manager, python distribution and is incredibly useful for data tasks as it comes bundled with many scientific packages including sci-kit learn, SciPy, Pandas and NumPy.

Additionally it’s the recommended method for installing Jupyter Notebooks.

Installing Anaconda

Personally I prefer to install Python via the graphical interface because it’s a friendly and easy method.

1. Firstly visit the Anaconda website where you will have the choice to install either Python 2.7 or Python 3. I would recommend downloading the Python 3x. because this will be more supported in the future.

2. After successfully downloading Anaconda, locate it within your download folder and double click on the .pkg file.

3. Click continue.

4 – You will now start the Anaconda3 installer process, click continue.

5. The installer provides a notification saying that it will update your bash profile and will install Anaconda3 within your PATH. Click continue.

6. Click continue to reveal the License Agreement.

7. Now you will need to read and click Agree for the Anaconda licensing agreement, then click continue.

7. Click on the install button.

8. You will need to enter your password which is the same as your Mac login password. Then click Install Software.

9. Click on Continue.

10. After completing the installation simply click close. Then you can move the Anaconda installer file to the trash bin.

Anaconda Frequently Answered Questions:

How do I know if Anaconda is installed?

To see whether Anaconda is installed on your Mac operating system, simply visit the Mac terminal and type Conda info. If Anaconda is installed you will see detailed information for both the Anaconda distribution and Python version.

How do I check the current version of Python?

To check the current version of Python open a new terminal on your Mac. Now type the following command into your terminal python–version if you do chosen to select the python3 distribution you will have received received something that looks like this on your screen that shows you the exact Python version that you’re using and if it has anaconda then you can safely know that anaconda is your main Python distribution.

Does Anaconda automatically install Python?

Anaconda does automatically install with Python anaconda is an environment and package distribution software for python and therefore you can choose between either Python 2.7 or a python 3 x

Do I need to install Python before Anaconda?

You do not need to install Python before installing or running anaconda.

Where does Anaconda install Python on my Mac?

To find where python has installed on your Mac simply open a new terminal window. Then type echo $PATH . You can activate any customised Conda environments with the following command: Conda activate environment name


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